• “As one of the first businesses to be associated with Anthem, I have been able to witness the growth of this event and have participated in all 3 health fairs..."

    Will Humphreys | Affinity Physical Therapy  

    “You and your team successfully presented perhaps the most professional local event we have been a part of. I appreciated the early contact and advance planning, not typically seen in this area."

    Dr. Lizarraga | Main Street Family Practice  

    “I was thrilled about the number of participants and how I was assisted throughout the day.”

    Will Humphreys | Affinity Physical Therapy  

  • “Your planning was excellent, sponsorship package the best defined and well presented I’ve seen here including true value for the sponsorship, and it was executed extremely well. I appreciated the well mapped sites and great promotion.”

    Dr. Lizarraga | Main Street Family Practice  

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We’ve taken some time to put together a list of the most commonly asked questions by both attendees, as well as, sponsors and exhibitors. If you don’t see the answer to one of your questions please contact the Event Director and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.

Expo Schedule


11:30 am Affinity Physical Therapy
11:50 am American Family Insurance
12:10 pm The Hearing Center
12:30 pm Peaceful Easy Healing
12:50 pm Angel Care Health
1:00 pm Raffle Prize Drawings
1:10 pm Florence Unified School District
1:30 pm Sun Valley Solar Solutions
1:50 pm A Healing Touch Massage
2:10 pm Cooper Financial Group
3:30 pm Drawing Grand Prize on stage


11:20 am Down Spot, Down!Stopping your dog from jumping on people
12:20 pmHow Cold is Too Cold?Grooming and dressing your dog for cold weather
1:20 pm Taming Your Dog's Loud MouthHow to stop the barking
2:20 pm Not Only a New Do! What you should expect from a good grooming session
3:20 pmOut! Out! Darn Spot!Housebreaking Tips & Tricks


11 am Rod Streff: Oldies, Folk, Pop
11:25 am Betty Pimentel - The One-Oldies
12:00 pm Sun City Tappers
12:30 pm Merrill Ranch Dancers
12:50 pm 2 Song Prelude
1:00 pm Raffle Prize Drawings
1:10 pm Merrill Ranch Dancers
2:00 pm Zumba
2:15 pm The Dance Spot
3:30 pm Grand Prize Drawing

Demonstrations featuring DoTerra Products

11:10 am Head to Toe Care Products
12:10 pm Happy Body, Happy Heart
1:10 pm Getting the Body You Want Naturally
2:10 pm Dump the Junk: Getting Rid of Toxins in Your Home & Body
3:10 pm Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Balanced Health

If you're interested in participating in the Expo, please contact Dana Raimondi at 520-723-6626 or dana.raimondi@oursuncityamr.net. Thank you.