For Kids

The Expo has plenty of entertaining things to do for your kids. We understand that what works for an elementary or jr. high aged child doesn’t necessarily work for the younger ones. The FITT for Life Expo has made sure to include a variety of options available for all ages including our Stuffed Animal clinic, inflatables, games and bounce houses so every child no matter the age can enjoy the festivities along with the rest of your family!
Parents rest assured that we also offer kids health assessments such as hearing and vision testing courtesy of U of A.

For Everyone

The FITT for Life Expo is about letting adults and families enjoy a day of active adventure and education. We believe that living healthy is not just about going to the gym for your cardio and strength; while exercise definitely has its place, we feel that living healthy is about just that . . . a healthy lifestyle. This means being active and engaged in the experiences around you. It means feeling like a kid again to laugh, play and have a good time. Come enjoy what the FITT for Life Expo has to offer.